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How to choose a tip-top chippy!

Posted by: Kingfisher Plymouth at 12:38, June 12 2018.

Most of us have a favourite local chip shop. Months of, ahem, research can go into finding the one that serves the fluffiest chips, crispest batter and freshest, flakiest fish. Naturally, we think we serve a pretty mean fish supper here at Kingfisher. But what if you don't live near our shop and haven't discovered your own holy grail of chippies? Or simply don't want to ruin a lovely daytrip to the seaside with a portion of limp cod and soggy chips?

Fear not - just follow our simple guide to finding a top chippy:

1. Does it hold the NFFF Quality Award?

If you spot this on display in a chip shop, you know you're in safe hands. The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) Quality Award is the industry gold standard. It means a chippy has passed a strict inspection and taste test and serves the best quality fish and chips in a hygienic, professional and safe environment.

2. Is the fish sustainable?

Everyone who sells, serves or eats fish should care where it comes from. If a chippy doesn't know where their fish was caught, steer clear. We choose to use only MSC certified fish - that way, we know it's been caught responsibly, sustainably and is fully traceable.

3. Are dietary requirements catered for?

Fish and chips can be a no-no particularly for people with coeliac disease due to the gluten content of many cooking oils. Lots of chip shops have gluten-free options. We think everybody should be able to enjoy the nation's favourite takeaway which is why we run gluten-free Mondays. In fact, it recently earned us gold at the FreeFrom Eating Out awards.

4. Has it won a National Fish & Chip Award?

The 'Oscars' of the industry, these annual awards recognise the cream of fish and chip shops. There are many different categories so if you see the award logo in a chip shop, chances are you're in for a delicious meal. The most coveted award is the title of UK's No 1 Fish & Chip Shop which, rules dictate, must be won by a different chippy every year. As you probably know by now, in 2017, that chippy was us.  

5. Does it use freshly cooked, quality ingredients?

Ask your chippy where their ingredients come from. If they wax lyrical about their favourite fish markets and potato farms, you're probably onto a winner. Our sustainable fish, best available seasonal potatoes and custom made batter are all cooked to order so the food is as fresh as possible.

6. Is the chippy doing their bit for the environment?

Granted, it's not easy finding quality alternatives to plastic. But there are many fish & chip shops around the UK doing their utmost to reduce plastic pollution. As well as selling insulated bags for life, we've also recently launched our own reusable cups. We use wooden cutlery and we no longer provide straws.

As they say, ultimately the proof of the pudding is in the eating. But if a chippy is going the extra mile to use the best quality, sustainable ingredients, striving for the top awards and minimising their effect on the environment, it's a pretty safe bet they're going to serve you a first-class fish supper.

Let us know your thoughts on what makes a great chippy - drop us a line at lovefishandchips@kingfisherfishandchips.co.uk or tweet us at @KingfisherDevon

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