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Grab a free Kingfisher bag!

Posted by: Kingfisher Plymouth at 17:51, March 5 2018.

- The plastic pollution revolution -

Thanks to the BBC's brilliant Blue Planet, none of us can fail to realise the devastating consequences of plastic pollution. Like most viewers, I was distressed by the scenes of the baby albatross, killed by a single toothpick. But these shock tactics are really making us wake up and question the impact of our throw-away society. And it seems the effects are more far-reaching than first feared. Even some of the most pristine parts of the world are being affected, such as the Norwegian Arctic (BBC News), the very place where our fantastic Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable cod is caught.

- What are we doing about it? -

Using the most environmentally-friendly materials possibly can be challenging. Replacing plastic packaging on a like-for-like basis is not always straightforward and can have an impact on prices, portion sizes and quality. However, protecting the environment is a cause close to our hearts so it's an issue we're determined to crack. So when you pop into the shop for fish and chips, you'll find recyclable food boxes and wooden, rather than plastic, cutlery. Oh, and no straws. What's more, inspired by the dramatic reduction in plastic bag usage since the 5p charge was introduced, we began selling our own bags for life, around 18 months ago. There's always more we can do though and we're constantly reviewing the products we use.

Beyond our packaging, we're really proud to be recognised as having the "world's most sustainable seafood menu" for our record number of MSC certified species. I was thrilled to be named "Sustainable Chef of the Year 2017". And we're also one of just two chippies to be awarded the maximum 3 star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

- Freebie alert! -

To help all our customers do their bit to cut plastic pollution, this March and April, we're offering a free Kingfisher bag for life (usually £2.50) when you spend over £20. They're thermally insulated to keep your chippy tea warm until you get home. And when they eventually run out, we'll happily replace them.

- Top tips -

We love hearing your thoughts and ideas. How are you reducing your plastic usage? Any clever tips you want to share? Or maybe you've seen some brilliant packaging you think we should see? Leave a comment below, drop us a line at lovefishandchips@kingfisherfishandchips.co.uk or tweet us at @KingfisherDevon




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