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Kingfisher Scoops Top National Award

At National Fish & Chip Awards

We love fresh cut chips…

All our potatoes are sourced from farmers who are experts in the field, and have been growing potatoes for many years and know how to produce the finest potato for our delicious chips.

When it comes to our chips, we don't think you can beat the Maris Piper! The waxy finish & floury texture helps create a perfect golden chips that is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Fresh farm potatoes are delivered to our shop to ensure our chips are as fresh as possible.

We are so proud to be using fresh potatoes, you may even spot the sacks when you visit (we don't hide them).

After delivery, our potatoes are peeled, ensuring every single potato is hand checked for quality (it really does happen), before it it chipped.

Afterwards every single chip is checked to ensure each one is perfectly delicious.

Using only the best of the seasons potatoes, we never cut corners or go for cheap. We definitely feel fresh is best - you certainly wont find any frozen chips in our shop!!

We think our chips taste delicious and we are sure you will too...

Kingfisher has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council Certification

Kingfisher Awarded MSC Certification

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Kingfisher gets the prestigious Fish & Chip Quality Award

Quality Award

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Kingfisher Wins ‘Reconnect Award’ at Plymouth Food Awards 2014

Win at Plymouth Food Awards 2014

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Kingfisher Officially the Uk's No.2 Fish & Chip Shop and the Most Sustainable as part of the National Fish & Chip Awards 2016

Thank you for choosing Kingfisher, where it is our aim to satisfy your love for fish and chips.

We are confident that if you enjoy fish and chips you’ll love Kingfisher fish & chips...

Quality Award


Make sure its MSC Certified

We have 12 MSC Certified Sustainable Species on our menu MSC  stands for (Marine Stewardship Council)

This means that this seafood has met the MSC's global standard for sustainability.

Our certification code is: MSC-C-53712

Dont accept anything less!!